City Sock Blues

Last week, Adidas finally released the NMD City Socks stateside. I'm not going to lie, I couldn't cop these and I'm salty as hell about it. I've had my eye on these sneakers since Adidas announced the European release date, roughly 4 months ago. 

For a sneakerhead, there's no worse feeling than missing out on a sneaker, but fiending for it so badly that you're willing to pay resell prices. Full disclosure these are the first Adidas sneaker (other than the Yeezy's) that I've seriously considered paying resell prices for.

Since signing the trio of Pharrell, Migo, and Kanye, Adidas has been straight SAVAGE with their drops. Leading the charge have been the NMDs. I can't really explain why I love the shoe - no single element of the shoe really stands out, but somehow all the elements work in concert to create something greater. The combination of the knit material with the boost sole with the chunky colored plastic insets in the sole - GODDAMN. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that these NMD City Socks got me feeling some type of way...

Kenneth KuoComment