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2018 Winter Preview

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Easy Data Integration

Ingest combines each data source across your operation into one convenient place, letting you know exactly how you're doing, whenever you want, without the hassle and confusion of multiple dashboards

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Forecasting & Automation

With the help of a wicked smart machine learning algorithm developed by our engineering team, Ingest helps you know what's in demand so you never run out of what you need most

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Real-Time Reports

Get quick insights about your business across inventory, sales, staffing and more with Ingest's user-friendly dashboard and powerful Actions Center

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Save money by adding AI to your restaurant.

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360° View

Tired of switching back and forth between multiple 3rd party systems to understand how well your business did last weekend, or how that new menu item is driving profits?

Ingest gives you a single, consolidated view of your restaurant. Sales, staffing, delivery, reservations and inventory are all beautifully displayed in an easy-to-understand dashboard.

The best part? We integrate with all of your pre-existing systems so you don't have to lift a finger.


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Ingest.AI Brings Artificial Intelligence To The Restaurant Industry

"By effectively predicting operational needs and forecasting demand, Ingest.AI helps restaurants reduce food waste, improve supply chain functionality, and hone logistics."


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