Commercial Real Estate

Modern data infrastructure for real estate managers
Toss the outdated spreadsheets and siloed data for cloud-based analytics
Use Cases

Automatically consolidate data across business units

Connect your leasing, hospitality, retail, FP&A teams and more through data

Ingest helps complex organizations break down silos between teams, giving them a full view of the entire business in one convenient location

With a single source of truth, everyone can speak the same language and make decisions based on the latest insights

Monitor tenant performance

Plug in to your tenants' data systems to track revenue and traffic in one location without the hand-over

Ingest enables its commercial real estate management clients to monitor tenant performance, helping arm leasing teams with key insights across your portfolio and facilitate revenue-sharing agreements without the manual workbooks

Enable real-time planning and forecasting

Quit waiting for the latest report to be compiled - your data's ready now

With Ingest's automated connections, your data is always up-to-date and accessible instantly

Now you and your teams can make smarter data-driven decisions in real time, enabling you to capture every opportunity and spot risks sooner

Modernize your data infrastructure

Save time and money with data that just works

Ingest's data management and intelligence services augment your analytics team's capabilities, allowing them to run leaner and more productively by eliminating the most time consuming tasks

And with cloud-based data, you'll never have to worry about version control or sharing manually compiled spreadsheets

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