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Brilliant hospitality deserves brilliant data
Deliver better guest experiences and optimize your operations with data tools designed for restaurants and hospitality groups
Use Cases

Build a data-driven culture

of hospitality

Connect your sales, labor, inventory, and reservation data together in one easily accessible platform

Ingest makes insights accessible to everyone in your organization by breaking down frictions like fragmented, slow, and convoluted data with powerful and easy-to-use tools

Harness your connected data in a single source of truth that allows everyone to make data-driven decisions and take charge of their performance

Drive bigger margins and

run sustainably

Manage prime costs, identify star performers, and track budgets

in real time

Ingest's restaurant data model allows you to scrutinize every aspect of your operations down to the most granular levels with powerful filtering, drill-down, and benchmarking tools so you never miss an opportunity to push your best-performing menu items and cut unnecessary costs

Empower operators and executives alike

Out-of-the-box reports tailored to specific roles make sharing insights easier than ever

Ingest has worked with industry leaders to develop a suite of ready-made interactive dashboards that provide real-time visibility across multi-location portfolios into individual checks, menu items, and employees

Give your senior leaders the oversight they desire while arming your operators with the daily insights they need to run their restaurants efficiently

Optimize your operations to

a higher standard

Track revenue, labor costs, menu item sales, and covers down to the hour

Ingest allows you to easily optimize shift-level operations based on the day's performance so you can actively manage staffing levels, schedule your best servers, adjust hours of operation and tweak menus

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