Contact Tracing

Keep your guests safe with digital contact tracing

Digitize your contact tracing efforts and deliver a better customer experience with Ingest's QR-code-based contact capture tool

Deliver Faster Time to Data

Access your data instantly, enabling real-time planning and forecasting for everyone

Ingest plugs into every aspect of your business, giving you up-to-the-minute data across services, teams, and verticals allowing you to make critical decisions based on the latest insights

Automate Data Management

Hands-free data integration delivers a single source of truth for your entire organization

Ingest integrates with all kinds of sources to automatically consolidate, clean, and normalize your data, giving you high-fidelity usable data instantly without ever needing to open another spreadsheet

Generate Actionable Insights

Get tailored insights to optimize performance at every level of your operation

Ingest's powerful yet easy-to-use platform gives you total control over your data to drill-down, benchmark, and analyze key insights from a bird's eye view down to the most granular levels of detail

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