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Ingest simplifies complex data pipelines, automating away time-consuming management while integrating all of your data into a single source of truth
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Contact Tracing

Keep your guests safe with digital contact tracing

Digitize your contact tracing efforts and deliver a better customer experience with Ingest's QR-code-based contact capture tool

Automate Data Management

Hands-free data integration delivers a single source of truth for your entire organization

Ingest integrates with all kinds of sources to automatically consolidate, clean, and normalize your data, giving you high-fidelity usable data instantly without ever needing to open another spreadsheet

Deliver Faster Time to Data

Access your data instantly, enabling real-time planning and forecasting for everyone

Ingest plugs into every aspect of your business, giving you up-to-the-minute data across services, teams, and verticals allowing you to make critical decisions based on the latest insights

Generate Actionable Insights

Get tailored insights to optimize performance at every level of your operation

Ingest's powerful yet easy-to-use platform gives you total control over your data to drill-down, benchmark, and analyze key insights from a bird's eye view down to the most granular levels of detail


Commercial Real Estate

Break down silos between business units and monitor tenant performance

Ingest helps commercial real estate companies operate more efficiently with state-of-the-art data infrastructure that integrates sales performance, foot traffic, environmental factors, and other data types, enabling teams to plan in real time


Optimize every aspect of the restaurant business to drive better margins and happier customers

Ingest gives restaurant groups and operators total visibility into their sales, labor factors, menu performance, COGS, and other insights in one place, helping deliver data-driven hospitality

Custom Engagements

We build bespoke solutions for every data stack

At Ingest, we're all about data and making powerful insights accessible to everyone.

Have a data problem? Ask us how we can help.

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Concordia ETL

Ingest runs on our proprietary extract-transform-load (ETL) pipeline which harmonizes fragmented sources into a single database by consolidating, cleaning, and normalizing data using industry-specific models


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Deep Insights at Your Fingertips

Harness the power of integrated data with our custom-built business intelligence platform designed to deliver powerful insights right out of the box

Our easy-to-use interface makes analytics accessible to everyone, from executives to on-the-floor operators, helping foster data-driven cultures in even the most adverse organizations

Key Features

  • A single source of truth for all of your integrated data

  • Unlimited users, helping everyone become more data-driven

  • Powerful filtering functionality helps you isolate key insights

  • Drill-down from a bird's eye view of your business into individual sales

  • Compare performance against benchmarks and budgets

Hands-Free Daily Reporting

Receive a full suite of configurable reports delivered straight to your email inbox without ever needing to crunch the numbers

Save time and effort with your analytics team while ensuring the right insights are always in the hands of those who need them by offloading reporting duties to Ingest


Data Integration

Unlock the power of your organization's data by connecting all of your disparate sources together in one platform

Automated Alerts

Get automatic alerts to changes in business performance, operational issues, and data governance, saving you and your team from tedious maintenance tasks

Data Management

Consolidate and maintain clean usable data in a secure centralized location, enabling you to easily work across various services without translating different datasets

Cloud Exports

Download data from all of your sources in one convenient location for use in other tools

Contact Tracing

We've launched a lightweight QR-code-based digital contact tracing system specifically designed for commercial real estate and hospitality clients to ensure the safety of their guests


We work with our clients every day to ensure proper data governance protocols are implemented and advise them on ways to improve their tech stacks

Ask us how we can help you and your organization get the most out of your data


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