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Ingest lets you uncover insights faster with customizable reports and easy-to-use functions like filters, benchmarks, and drill-down paths

Group Overview dashboard

Monitor all of your locations in one place. Track the metrics that matter to your operations, compare performance to benchmarks, and drill-down into revenue centers, menu categories, meal periods, & more.

Daily Snapshot dashboard

Metrics operators care about. Start and end each day with a review of sales, covers, average check, labor costs, or whichever other KPIs you need to run your business.

Delivery breakout dashboard

See how your promotions to move customers off of third-party delivery platforms and onto first-party ordering systems are working. Track which channels drive the most sales and identify the menu items your customers love to enjoy at home.

Server Scorecard dashboard

Evaluate your servers to see who drives the most sales, turns tables fastest, and more. Compare their performance to the group, helping you find the best mix of staff for each shift, and find opportunities for individual growth.

Hourly Breakdown dashboard

Track your operations throughout the day so you exactly when demand is at its highest. Optimize open hours and staffing levels to meet your customer needs.

Get all the metrics you need with customizable email and PDF reports delivered to your inbox automatically without spending any time logging into tools or crunching numbers.

Mobile report examples

Want to upgrade your existing reports?

Ingest’s flexible reporting platform lets you take advantage of numerous chart types and analysis features, letting you automate or enhance the reports your business already relies on.

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