More Than Just Another Reporting Tool

Ingest's flexible reporting platform and services unlock your data's potential, giving you greater visibility into your operations


Tailor Ingest’s reports to your specific needs, and even change your integrated tools without any breaks in operational reporting

One Login

Monitor your POS, scheduling, time & attendance, and inventory management data in one convenient platform

First-Party Delivery

Track delivery channels to fine-tune your marketing, move customers off third-party platforms, and save on commissions

Top-To-Bottom Visilibity

Stay on top of operations across your entire group and deep-dive into specific locations with ease

Top-Tier Integrations

Ingest connects with the industry’s top POS systems, reservation platforms, time tracking solutions, and more, with new integrations added all the time

Hands-On Training & Set-Up

Ingest’s team handles your account setup from start to finish, including staff training sessions, making adoption a breeze

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